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Winter Sowing – Introduction

Before we jump into the meat of the Backyard Fruit Production series, I wanted to catch you up on something that's been happening a little closer to home. A few months back, I read about a seed-starting technique called winter sowing. Now I already have a whole indoor seed starting set-up (I'll post on that soon, it's pretty slick), but I was drawn to the idea of winter sowing because it's incredibly low-maintenance and basically free. Good things, right?

Winter-sowing involves starting seeds in recycled gallon jugs. They can be milk jugs, vinegar jugs, large water bottles... whatever you've got. They don't even have to be a full gallon, as long as they're reasonably large and either transparent or translucent (so that light can reach the seedlings). A hinge is cut in the jugs for easy access, drainage holes are poked in the bottom, their caps are removed, and seeds are planted inside. The jugs are placed in a clear plastic tote, taken outside in the dead of winter, and left there.

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